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. >>catherine: ahead at 8-30. software pioneer john mcafee belize. is back in the u.s.. what he's happily admitting he did. while on the run. and celebrity chef marti >> and a look at our region with 30's, a cold night, details coming up. simonov monthnow for a look at our top stories at eight- thirty. firefighters area trying to figure out how the fire that gutted an industrial building in fremont began today. it started around 1-45 - sending a huge plume of thick smoke into the air. the roof of the building collapsed. it took firefighters an hour to get it under control. no one was hurt. see them of 1/2 >>catherine: oftensanta clara county sheriff's deputies are trying to figure out who spray- painted a bomb threat against a teacher at monte vista high school in cupertino. classes there and at nearby lincoln elementary school were cancelled for the day while deputies searched the campus. nothing dangerous was found. classes resume tomorrow. cinnamonand the san francisco police sergeant who posted thishour joyride through the see a glimmer of cine and >>catherine: broadway tunnel is off
pleaded guilty and is in prison. >> police guatemala have arrested internet security pioneer john mcafee.. for illegally entering the country. he's been on the run from belize authorities - who want to talk to him in the shooting death of a neighbor last month.. in an interview prior to his arrest.. mcafee denied that he had anything to do with it. >> and nobody has blamed me for the murder. i have not been charged ion not a suspect. they merely want to question me about the murder. i am not concerned i have not been charged with the crime. there is no basis for extradition. i like guatemala. i think the legal system is in guatemala is superior to the system in belize." >>pam: mcafee is trying to get asylum in guatemala.. and his attorney has filed a request. mcafee claims he's being persecuted for refusing to donate to local politicians in belize. >>pam: jazz pianist dave brubeck has died of heart failure -- just a day before his 92nd birthday. brubeck - who was born in concord - was legendary for breaking racial barriers and bringing jazz into the mainstream with his inno
>> the bizarre saga of silicon valley software millionaire john mcafee got even stranger today. you may remember mcafee is wanted for questioning in a murder case. in the central american country of belize. these new pictures show him being taken to a hospital today in guatemala. he reportedly collapsed after being told he would not be granted political asylum. mcafee is the founder of the bay area anti-virus company that bears his name. he's been on the run for three weeks. finally surfacing yesterday in guatemala. >> they are trying to arrest me to come into the country illegally. the web site vice=dot=com was interviewing mcafee when he was taken into custody outside a luxury hotel in the capital, guatemala city. >> guatemalan jails have beds, dude and food. pretty awesome. i'm not too concerned. >> belize authorities have named him a person of interest in the murder of fellow expatriate greg faull. faull was found shot to death last month at his home just down the beach from mcafee's residence on the resort island of san pedro. mcafee says he was framed, and that he himself was in danger of
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3